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Trustees and Malcontents

Public relation is in the field of traditional marketing, which is company- based and product-focused. The intention of public relation is about boosting the visibility of the company and its brand. However, public relations make company an active participant while customers become passive and inactive. (Blackwell, 2010) When compared with public relation, the advantage of social influence manifests itself. Social influence marketing increases a company’s exposure and reach as it is concentrated on social influencers influencing each other instead of public relation rofessionals influencing mainstream people. ibid. ) 5. 3 Display advertising Unlike social influence, according to Pakhare (2010), display advertising requires high budget. Internet advertising was developed into businesses by marketers to market their products on-line and to gain the maximum profit from it. Pakhare (2010) states that display advertising is concerned with identifying web sites those targeted consumers frequent, and buying space available on those web sites, then the marketers would measure how much those displayed advertisements are clicked on or viewed.

This Internet advertising marketing, on the other hand, is limited by its advertising budget and cost and it is faced with risk factors such as spam and blacklists. According to Singh (2009, p. 19), social influence marketing means to market to social influencers by placing ads on social platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. After comparing display advertising with social influence marketing, it can be concluded that social influence is better than displaying ads since it promises high volume for return at very low cost. 5. Promotions Different from promotions, social influence generate more profits for a company. According to Proctor (2000), promotions are mainly about stimulants created to boost the purchase and sale of the services and products of businesses. Sales promotions normally take the form of sweepstakes, competition, rebates or coupons and they are specifically designed to link marketers to consumers. (Kotler and Zaltman, 1971) Indeed, promotions are good for product sales but its relative advantage decreases after comparison with social influence marketing.

If marketers deploy social influence marketing, the specific promotion will attract more attention than raditional promotions because targeted customers are motivated to draw in social influencers who would influence other potential consumers. As a result, sales and revenue of the business would increase further. (Singh, 2009, p. 20-21) 6. 0 What are the benefits of social influence marketing? Bibliography 1 . Armstrong, G. ; Kotler, P. (2003). Marketing-An introduction. (6th ed. ).

New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc. 2. Blackwell, J. “Traditional Marketing-What is the future of traditional marketing? “. 2010. (1 June 2010). 3. Ho,J. “Traditional Marketing vs. Internet Marketing Part 1”. 008. (2 June 2010). 4. Kotler, P. ; Zaltman, G. (1971). Social marketing: An approach to planned social change. Journal of Marketing, 35, 3-12. 5. Pakhare,J. “Internet Marketing and Advertising”. 2010. (1 June 2010). 6. Proctor, T. (2000). Strategic marketing: An introduction. London: Routledge. 7.

Shirky, C. (2008). Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing without Organizations. New York: The Penguin Press. 8. Singh, S. (2009). Social media marketing for dummies. Indianapolis: John Wiley;Sons Incorporation. for participation, mutual influence and mobilization from web surfers. The first benefit of social influence marketing is that it can mobilize people though social influencers on the web where people with shared interests tend to browse similar web pages and seek their peer’s opinions.

Further increasing brand exposure of the company is another advantage of social influence marketing. For example, according to Singh (2009, p. 24-25), “causes” in facebook is an application that allows individuals to support a “cause” in a financial way whenever they feel inspired and then encourage their friends who belong to their “social graph” to do the same. In this ase, social influencers play an important role by creating “viral effect” and “halo effect” to promote donations and to draw support respectively.

The third benefit is sidestepping ad blindness since the power of recommendation from influencers has the potential of sending visitors to the web site of the company while at the same time traditional marketing methods like banner ads are losing their effectiveness. Other benefits include low cost, compatibility with traditional public relations and expanding contact lists. In conclusion, after comparing social influence marketing ith more traditional marketing, social influence marketing is better than traditional marketing methods in its reach, cost and effectiveness. ibid. ) 7. 0 Conclusion In conclusion, how social influences work is at the root of social influence marketing. With digital world going social, social influence marketing is having a great impact on “brand affinity” and buying decisions of potential consumers. According to Singh (2009), there are changes in web behaviours of customers who are motivated to share a piece of media if this act of sharing either encourages peers’ participation in ocial activities or enhances personal reputation.

Marketers are integrating more deeply and directly with customers due to the proliferation of social technologies. Potential customers are more accurately targeted by sellers when marketers adopt social influence marketing strategies, which are aimed at a particular pool of social influencers. To sum up, social influence marketing is a new form of marketing that promises higher profit with lower cost than traditional form of marketing, and a company will face little chance of success in competitive market if its markers do not eploy social influence marketing strategies. . 0 Recommendations In light of the conclusion, i recommend that marketers of every promising companies should tap into the potential of social influence marketing and engage more with customers by using existing social networks in order to boost sales and spread brand awarenesses. In addition, more attention should be payed to the potential of influencers, especially the sharing behavior of peer influencers. Only when the right pool of influencers are targeted by the marketers , can the company succeed in drawing more new customers.

Trustees and Malcontents: Book Analysis By enacarson History 2111 – Stan Brown Ena A. Carson August 23, 2010 Trustees and Malcontents: The Colonial Controversy over Slavery and Georgia’s Future The charter by King George II to give Georgia to James Edward Oglethorpe was used as a means to lower the population of England by transferring the Poor Subjects of Misfortune but yet those who want employment to Georgia. King George II would pay the way of the Poor Subjects of Misfortune provided they agreed to occupy and work the 50 acres of land provided to them and their family upon arrival to Georgia.

This would give England a stronghold between Carolina and the Spanish occupied Florida. After seeing how the Carolina’s use of slavery over took the general population of Carolina, King Georgia II and James Oglethorpe agreed that no slaves would be allowed in Georgia. This would provide a strength to the other 12 colonies in that the Poor Subjects would be willing to fght for the King and protect Georgia as their new home.

As a loving father would, the trustees felt that by guaranteeing the transfer of land to only the eldest son would be protection from further poverty and stop any temptation for the unfortunates. In order to guarantee that Georgia ‘s mission remain true the trustee’s passed two laws: (1) no liquor and (2) no slaves. The first documented was written by a well known Scottish Physician, Patrick Talifer, explaining the medical need for slavery.

It is noted that the heat of Georgia has a stronger effect on the white servants and it points out that the Negros are already accustomed to the heat. The second document is the Trustee’s response to the first document by Patrick Talifer, reminding everyone that Georgia is to be a settlement of people who subsist themselves and provide protection for South Carolina who is lready exposed to be overthrown easily due to the small number of white settlers. It notes that this would make the white man lazy and that he would always be on guard for any danger from the Negros.

Another point made relates to the Spaniards enticing the Negros to run away to their Florida and how easy it would be for the Negros to simply get across a river or two in order to find freedom in Florida. It would put the landowner back into debt and that is what caused his misfortune to begin with so that borrowing against the land in order to purchase a negro would ventually lead to the negro merchant owning all the land. Again the document reemphasized the need for a barrier between the Carolinas and Spainard’s Augustine.

The third document is a passage taken from “The Hard Case of Distressed People of Georgia” written by Thomas Stephens. Stephen’s agreement for slavery is that without the help of the Negros the planters spend all their time working and still barely have enough to live on. The Negros would be a huge benefit allowing the planters to match the market prices with the other colonies and that without the Negro they could only harvest enough to survive. He contends that if the Negros are well taken care of there will be no want from the Negro to leave.

He tells them that the white servants of five to one have already left Georgia because of hunger and oppression and have fled to Augustine. He vies that the experiment of not having The fourth document is a petition from the inhabitants of New Inverness outlining their reasons that Georgians should not be allowed to have slaves. It is the same reasoning that Oglethorpe addresses from the very beginning but adds the human rights issue that no man should be sentenced to a life of slavery. The fifth document s a letter from General Oglethorpe in rebuke of the petition from New Inverness.

It simple reminds them of why Georgia was founded as a relief of the distressed and to strengthen the frontiers of American. He requested their expediency in making this decision once and for all so that those who wait for their decision can get back to work. Having very little knowledge of Georgia history I found these documents fascinating yet very intriguing. It certainly gave way to understanding the debate over slavery. I would have to agree with the petition from New Inverness that no man should be sentenced to a life of slavery.

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