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Typical Wedding

A typical wedding in my country It is a holy matrimonial event where a couple is bound together to live together, supporting each other. The couple dress up in particular wedding attire and is looked after by friends and family. The ceremony is organized by decorating the wedding venue with flowers, wedding songs and music are also selected for the occasion. Some of the religious personalities are also invited. This makes the ceremony holy and legal in the eyes of law and religion.

Some religious customs are also performed which also varies among religions. There are customs associated with the wedding dresses as well. For example, in my country, brides often wear white color which is a symbol of purity. Similarly, the groom wears a tailored formal suit which can either be a tail coat or a tuxedo. The ceremony proceeds with the ring ceremony in which the couple puts a ring in each other’s finger. It is thought to be worn to show the never ending love from both the partners.

When the bride makes her entrance to the passageway, background music is played to accompany the walk of the bride. The father of the bride brings in her daughter and gives her in the responsibility of the groom. Last is the wedding departure. The couple is set off by the guests into a vehicle. This is usually preceded by the bride to throw back her bouquet over her shoulders. The one who catches her bouquet is thought to be the next to get married.

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