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Unit 8. Lab 1. Fiber Optic Connector Assembly

Marius Ouambo
NT1310Unit 8. Lab 1. Fiber Optic Connector Assembly The steps for cable and optical fiber are as follows:
1) First you have to make sure to cut the cable so that it can be 2? longer than what you will need.
2) Make sure to install the strain relief boot that is located at the end of the cable which is the small diameter. Something significant that you should know and remember is that the strain relief boot is not able to fit over the connector, so to make it fit then you have to make sure to place it on the cable first.
3) If a crimp sleeve was provided with the connector then you need to make sure to install it.
4) You must pinpoint the correct strip chart that comes from the connector manufacturer.
5) Just as it is shown on the strip chart mark the jacket the exact same way, make sure to cut the jacket with the stripper, and also entwine the jacket and then tear it away from the cable so that you can remove it.
6) Check to make sure the strength member is pulled back.
7) The tight-buffer should be shred away and the coating is to the length that is shown on the strip chart and it is should also increase in ? inches so that you can decrease the risk of the optical fiber breaking.
8) To clean the fiber oblige by using a lint-free wipe that is soaked in optical fiber cleaning fluid by doing this it will help to eliminate the coating residue so that the epoxy that is located in the ferrule which can help bond the cladding surface.
9) After you shear the strength member to the length that is revealed on the strip chart then issue it equally around the tight buffer.Oven-cured epoxy application and connector assembly steps are as follows:1) Once you turn on the curing oven then use the epoxy manufacturer to set the temperature to what they recommend.
2) Fuse the epoxy corresponding to the instructions that the manufacturer give.
3) Make sure the needle is secure to the syringe, and then fill the syringe with epoxy to confirm…

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