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Higher education, Guarantees Job? It’s a truth universally acknowledged that education is the key to economic success. But what everyone knows is wrong. There are things education can’t do the notion that putting more kids through the university can restore mid class society we used to have is wishful thinking. It really begs a big question that “do young people in our country really require a higher education degree to succeed? ” we all know Bill Gates who dropped out of college and it certainly didn’t hold him back.

It’s no longer true hat having a college degree guarantees a good Job and it is becoming less true with each passing decade. A hard but true fact is that though people have a dream career in mind as they go through university. The dream may never come true. Some majors are less practical than others or a certain field may be extra competitive or perhaps a tragic life event happens that require you to take a Job that you don’t necessarily go to school for. Many Iranian students go to a four year college to guarantee themselves for an ambitious career. However they may end up with Jobs that never need to get a B.

A degree in first place. IVe experienced it myself. When I was a sophomore English major in translator training course in Rasht Azad University, I got married. I had to get a secure Job so I decided to take an exam for employment in Bank. I was accepted both in the exam and interview while I hadn’t been graduated yet. They didn’t know that I’m a B. A student. They supposed me to have a diploma and it was 0k for me . For many years I didn’t have such a right to present my B. A degree to get a higher salary. So I told myself what a waste of time it was! I’d always have a dream to be university professor rather than to be a banker.

In our country, graduates having difficulty finding a Job in their desired field. I was very lucky to find a secure Job before I was graduated. In the other hand, there are some families who believe that “the more you learn, the more you earn. ” i. e. “education pays”. They encourage their kids to get into and more importantly remain in school. They think the more educated their kids are, the better chances of getting hired and more likely to earn more, leads to a better overall living standard. I want to ask them “Do you have evidence that staying in school really does lead to better Jobs and wages? After ll know that many people in higher positions, particularly within the government, got their Jobs not as a result a WHAT they know, but more as a result of WHO they know. In my opinion, there are many roads that lead to success and not all of those roads require you to have a degree. There are also other options for how someone spend their valuable time and money by what they spent on their education. So if we want a society of broadly shared prosperity ,education is not the only answer. We have to go about building the society directly by training skillful human resources and making a balance between education and labor market.

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