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Use and develop systems that promote communication

Use and develop systems that promote communication Within my current role as case manager for adults with complex health needs within the community it is my role to communicate effectively with various groups and individuals so communication needs can be addressed on a regular basis. As case manager I have many groups of individuals that I communication with on a daily basis to enable safe, effective and positive working practices are achieved daily.

I manager a large number of support workers that are based within the area and urrounding areas of Southampton that work within the complex health care packages that I manage. I also work closely with the client themselves on a day to day basis and any family members or friends that are within that specific clients close circle or outer circles – I always focus on being person centred to each individual package that I manage. Each package can vary depending on the complexity. I regularly work with alongside the clinical nurse within my branch as this is essential to meet the needs and health needs of my clients.

I also work in close partnership ith commissioners, physiotherapists, dieticians, district nurses, mental health nurse and any other specific health care professionals depending on the nature of my client’s needs and changing health needs. Within my branch I have to work closely with others, such as the registered branch manager, clinical nurse, case manager, care co-ordinator and recruitment co-ordinator. All these people that I have mentioned require communication to be effective and positive to enable their working to free from any barriers that could lead to their work being affected.

As my urrent company is rather large I have to regularly communicate with other branches and departments that are nationwide. I communicate on a daily basis to the head office which is based in Birmingham. I communicate via phone and emails to these specific people due to the distance. Within the Birmingham office I regularly communicate with people within recruitment file compliance, payroll, national live in and training. Good communication skills will develop into constructive and positive relationships.

It is vital that good communication is developed with all mentioned roups and individuals and this is essential for my Job role to run smoothly and effectively. By having positive and effective communication allows for any concerns to be addressed with ease and professionalism. I use many types of communication to support effective working practices such as ; 0 Verbal communication 0 Non verbal communication – body language, gestures, eye contact, writing, emails, telephone. 0 Interpersonal skills – listening, negotiation, problem solving, decision making, assertiveness. 1-1 communication allowing of receiving and transmitting of information on a more personal level 0 Group communication – interpersonal kills Within my role there are many barriers within communicate that can affect my role to run smoothly. Ettective communication is a key element to building positive and professional working relationships with individuals. Every group or individual will have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to communication. It is vital to work out the best route and style of communication that will work effectively with that group/individual to allow for barrier free communication.

There are many barriers of communication within my work place that impacts on my Job role as case manager on monthly, weekly and daily basis. 0 Support staff not communicating clearly their needs/wishes in the appropriate communication method. Support staff do not communicate to the appropriate people what they need or if they have any office work related concerns such as pay related queries and hour related queries. As their case manager it is my responsibility to support the support worker with any concerns they have, and direct them in the right way.

Support staff will text message as their preferred way of communication where I have alliterated to them the importance of honing me as I am out of the office on a regular basis and cannot always reply to texts. This is an ongoing problem that has been addressed in supervisions and team meetings. 0 Poor communication from registered manager Within my role it is vital that communication is positive and constructive from the line manager, without these paths being clear then it will have a serious impact on my work and the packages that I am managing.

Without clear and precise communication from a line manager then my own working practice will be effected in a way in which is not acceptable. If there is poor communication from a line manager his can have serious repercussions which could result in poor practices, unsafe working environments, failure to follow company polices and procedures, Failure on CQC inspections, poor office structure (filing of work and routines). This could then result in grievances from clients/families’, complaints, gross misconduct and disciplinary proceedings.

The registered manager is the key stone to any branch, if there is any barriers within the communication transmitted and received in regards to the registered manager then this will also have an impact on the overall working environment, team moral and work production. Empowerment of one staff member to another Empowerment of one staff to another can have serious communication barriers. If one staff member feels they are being empowered by another staff member then this will cause a barrier in communication between them.

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