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Vargas outlaw

For many decades, immigration has been a major controversy in America. The Majority of immigrants come to America in hope of a better life, but once here immigrants face a series of obstacles. Some of these obstacles are: Migration, lack of proper documents, and financial issues. These obstacles have made it difficult for illegal immigrants to gain their citizenship, but despite the struggles and hardships they have to go through it is still ossible for them to overcome the obstacles and pursue their dreams.

Many illegal immigrants usually migrate to different countries for a better life and better opportunities. Most immigrants see the United States as the land of opportunity. Migrating to a different country means adapting to a different kind of lifestyle in terms of culture, and language. In Vargas case his first challenge was adapting to the language. He wanted to lose his accent so he spent hours watching television, reading magazines, books and newspapers trying to adapt.

Language is an important part of living in the U. S. In order to get certain Jobs you have to adapt to the language and also have the proper documents. Lack of proper documents is often a problem for many illegal immigrants. Having lack of proper documents makes it hard to find sufficient employment, and not having sufficient employment makes it hard to live in America. When immigrants migrate toa different country illegally they usually hide their identity due to their illegal undocumented status.

Vargas was unaware of is undocumented status until he visited a local DMV and found out his papers were fake. Because of his illegal documentation, Vargas kept his life a secret, living day by day trying to avoid being caught. He also wanted to attend college, but wasn’t able to apply for state and financial aid because his lack of proper documents. He rarely wanted to trust anyone, even the people closest to him. He was afraid of his secret being exposed. This is what many illegal immigrants have to go through.

For example, I have an aunt that also came in the U. S. illegally and because of her illegal immigrant status she wasn’t able to obtain work or do anything else. Because of this she had to borrow someone else’s legal documents in order to stay in the U. S. These examples show how lack of proper documentation prevents immigrants from being able to get the education and Jobs they want. It can also lead to being deported. When it comes to working in the U. S, illegal immigrants face challenges such as low paying Jobs.

They work harder than what they are supposed to work for low income o support themselves and their families. Illegal immigrants are willing to work for these low paying Jobs because many other Jobs will not allow them to work due to the fact that they are here illegally and don’t have the proper documents. Before searching for work Vargas had to obtain a social security card. The more he achieved, the more scared and worried ne got that people would discover his secret. The more jobs he started to obtain, the very few employers rarely asked for his original documentation.

To conclude, America has made it difficult for illegal immigrants to gain their citizenship. Through all the ups and downs that Vargas faced as an undocumented citizen, he overcame these obstacles and got to experience his passion & dedication of living out the American dream. Even though he achieved and obtained a better life, he became overwhelmed and didn’t want to live this secret life anymore. He decided to come forward about the unlawful and wrong things he has done and decided to share it with the world. This is how the story of Jose Vargas came about.

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