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The Impact of Affordable Care Act on North Carolina’s Uninsured Population
In the year 2013, the Governor of North Carolina together with its General Assembly decided that individuals with 133% income below the federal poverty mark would not get Medicaid. This has made North Carolina among the states that do not benefit from Medicaid or its fundings. As a result of the decision by the leaders of North Carolina not accepting Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act’s main objective of reducing the percentage of uninsured individuals have been destabilised. Over 65% of the population in North Carolina are uninsured as a result of the lack of Medicaid and only a mere 38% have received medical coverage.
The uninsured population has therefore undergone these adverse challenges;
Accessibility of health care
The uninsured people cannot be able to access proper health care. 30% of uninsured individuals in North Carolina are do not receive proper medical care as a result of the cost. Scientific data has also revealed that the uninsured individuals do not get preventive care and access to fundamental health care services especially for important health conditions and severe chronic illnesses.
Financial implications on the uninsured population
Whenever the uninsured fall ill, the medical bill is always unaffordable. 40% of people with a lack of medical coverage complained of huge medical bills that resulted to a strain their finances. In the end, majority of the uninsured find themselves with huge medical debts because their income are very low or average and cannot afford to save in order to pay their medical bills.Impact of the economics of providing care to patients from the organization’s point of view Cost
Congressional Budget Department has approximated the total annual expense that an individual benefits from the Affordable Care Act and currently it is at $ 4,500- $5,000 per person and for families it is at $12,000- 12,500. The figures actually mean that…

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