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Video Games Are Good

Are Video Games of Any Good? In this 21st generation, video games are one of the most entertaining and one of the most popular ways to enjoy time. Video games are electronic human interactive games, which can be played in different types of consoles in a variety of ways. Have you ever thought about video games being beneficial? Or not Just something which helps pass time or something that is a bad addiction? Video games are so popular in todays world that, the video game business earns billions of dollars on releasing a game or a type of console.

In 2010 the play station brand hit 155 million units sales of heir ever so famous console, “the play station 2,” which is also known as the “PS2. ” Video games are not Just an entertainment but, it has turned into something much bigger, it has turned into a business and also a living for some people. Many people state that video games are bad for us, like there is a topic posted in debate. org, where people who think video games are not of any good, and surprisingly to my benefits of my opinion 67% of the people who rated the discussion disliked it!

Many people also have related violent behavior to violent games, like the tragic assacre that took place on the December 12th 2012, when 20 year old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and 6 adult staffs, in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Many have said that, Violent video games was one of the main motivations for Adam’s violent act, A TV and a radio host, named Glen beck stated that the, “Sandy Hook Massacre,” was caused by video games. He also states that, Mdeo games are a gateway drug for our kids and instead of a high, they get numbness, they get an indifferent heart and a mind that cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality.

I strongly disagree with his point; there was violence before video games. I believe the Sandy Hook murderer was a mentally ill and an unstable teenager. If video games was the case, there are a lot of children play violent video games, like the first person shooting game “Call of Duty Black Ops II,” is a violent war game and the game is really realistic and it is brutal. The game went to gross $ 1 Billion in the first 1 5 days of availability. With so many people playing violent games there should have more than at least 50 massacres yearly according to my calculation.

I mean if a normal human being plays a violent video game for maybe even more than 12 hours a week, it wont motivate or trigger us to go kill someone, you have to have some kind of a mental illness or a violent angst, to go fling around guns in public. Video games are not harmful for someone, and many parents and critics are very judgmental about it, as many kids are not properly guided and supervised while playing video games. Video games, are surely fun but an individual should be self discipline and even the parents should be able to handle and guide their children on ow much they play their video games.

An article by Health Central also suggests that video games are bad. It tells the readers that it makes people un-social, obese, and also it causes them to nave bad grades, aren’t these reasons all about selt- disciplinary? Are video games the main cause of this? Video Games are even in fact educational, like the game Civil-war, teaches us and gives us like a first hand experience about the American civil war fought in 1861. It also gives out facts and important dates about the civil war in the loading screen.

Maybe even someone who as a hard time making friends, get along with others, while playing video games or them having the same interest in video games. “A growing body of university research suggests that gaming improves creativity, perception and also decision making” (Hotz par. 1). Experts of health central said that, video games causes people to be obese, anti-social and perform bad in schools, but I believe it is the fault of those gamers who get to addictive to video game and their lack of self-discipline.

Video games cannot be blamed for those reasons. If we put it like that anything we do excessively is harm to us. Playing video games is not a bad thing at all; it instead helps us pass time more entertainingly and has benefits to it as well. A research showed that people who played video games made better decisions 25% faster than those who did not play video games. A research by University of York aimed to discover if video games improver hand-eye coordination. In order to discover this, they compared the brain activity of participants who played video games for at least 4 hours a week with the results from participants who did not play video games. The study showed that the participants who did not play video games elied mostly on a part of the brain that controls hand eye coordination. In order to complete the games, the men who were not accustomed to playing video games had to focus a large amount of mental energy on coordinating what they were seeing on the screen with the physical actions they were making on the controller.

Besides hand eye co-ordination, active games like the, “Nintendo Wii has promoted where you have to do things physically which has proved to improve your physicality and give you enough exercise” (Wittman par. 5). As I mentioned before video games can be a ay of living for someone nowadays, an article by Kyle Russell states that, “over 60 gamers earn more than 100,000 US dollar without counting the sponsorship deals and streaming their practice games. ” Even I have experinced how drastically video games improve you reactions and hand eye cordination.

When I was in middle school, we had to play indoor games during the winter as it used to be really cold outside to play soccer, which was really sad for me as I love soccer and I kind of didn’t like to play indoor game. We were made to play table-tennis, and I used to hate it as I was really not that good. Around that time was when I started playing video games and as soon as that, after two months or so, I really felt myself improving in table- tennis drastically and without practice. My reactions were really fast, I later then realized how video games had a big role in that.

Video games have many benefirts, In an article by Drew Guarini posted in the Huff post says “a study by a group of Italian researchers proved that video games helps dyslexic children read better. Many may still argue that, even after all these benefits video games are not worth its cost, but if we look at the long run it might save us a lot f money, a anti video game mom, Jo Ashiline also re-considered getting a video game, she said, “This dilemma led me this Christmas to consider getting a video game system, at least a Wii that we could all play together.

The kids pointed out that I spent $82 the last time we all went bowling, and witn the Wii, we could bowl at home for free (Ashline, par. 7). Ultimately, it is apparent that video games are a lot more beneficial than many people think, video games have had its prejudices created by all the critics those have very invalid reasoning like how some said, Video games are the reason for mass assacre, or even maybe how video games causes bad-grades and obesity. Those reasons are not because of the video game, but because of lack of supervision and self-disciplinary.

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