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American Dream was definition by James Truslow Adams in 1931; it is believe that people’s life will be better through efforts in United States. That means people have through their own hard work, courage, creativity, and determination towards the wealthy, rather than relying on specific social classes and assistance of others. This is most of the people define the American Dream, but I have the different view about American Dream. For me, the first step of American Dream is education. Thousands of people want to study in American since its consummate education system. I am one of the lucky people who can study in American to follow my dream. Actually, I never thought I would come to here for education because I am not a booklover. However, until one day. My mother was talking about my brother who has been living in American since 2005. She said my brother achieve a big success since he followed his American dream. She hoped I will success as my brother. From that day, his American dream become mine, and I decided went to American for education. No matter for my mother, or for my further. Therefore, I went to American to achieve my American dream. Now, I finished the first step of American dream, but I found American dream should be bigger than I thought. Although I have been living in American three years, I am still confused about American culture which is totally different to other cultures. Therefore, my next step of American dream is understand American culture. As a foreigner, learn a new culture is one of the hardest things. At first, I can’t accept their thought. For example, someone will go back farm when he finish his PHD degree in Stanford. I was confused his decision, but I changed my mind after I talked to my brother. My brother said “American are independent, they have their own thought, which is different from us. Some of them want to do something they want instead of a good pay job or good further.” Although I couldn’t…

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