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What animal would you like to be and why

If I were to be an animal, I would be an African Lion. The African Lion is an animal that describes my strengths and attributes perfectly and has characteristics that I would love to call my own. The African Lion has been called “the King of Beasts” for centuries, due to its majestic appearance and the fact that it is at the top of the food chain. I too would like the respect the African Lion receives and the title that it has been given.

If I were an African Lion I would be able to bake in the African sun all ay, lounge around, sleep and enjoy all the beauty that the Savannah has to offer. I would be able to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the human world. I would not have to be worried about school, homework, tests, coming to class on time, what to wear or trying to fit into society. I would be able to roam free. All African Lions belong to a specific pride. A pride can be defined as a family of lions.

A pride sticks together and takes care of one another. To me family is very important and a necessity to succeed in life. This is a similarity that I feel I share with the African Lion. When most of us think of a Lion, we do not automatically think of intelligence, but rather a vicious and violent man eater who leaves blood stains in its path. An African lion uses its intelligence as a secret weapon in various situations to survive in the fight for life. African Lions are motivated, powerful, muscular, brave, and courageous.

They have the willingness to fght and the ability to survive in the wild. Comparatively, sometimes I fear that I am quite different. I feel myself to be weak and fragile and to lack motivation and sometimes bravery. I would like if I shared the traits of motivation, power, strength and bravery that the African Lion displays. The bravery and respect that an African lion receives is reason enough for me to want to be an African Lion and to be a part ofa pride.

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