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Who’s To Blame

Before there was Facebook, Myspace, or even Twitter there was school, the library, and even the playground. Kids used to eat dirt and parents would sit at home waiting for their kids to come home from down the street before the street lights turned on. In 2015 parents have to restrict websites, limit how much time their child is on the computer, and pick their kids up from their friend’s house that is only a block away. The internet has created a new society of stalkers, creeps, kidnappers, and anti-socialists because social media sites such as Facebook and Myspace. These sites make it so easy to see everyone’s daily routine, send a flirt, or share inappropriate content with someone you hardly know or even with someone that claims to be over the age of eighteen when in fact they are only sixteen. Who is to blame? Do we blame technology or do we blame the parents and the individuals? Is social media taking over our social skills? How is social media effecting the kids of the future? There are so many questions and so many opinions but fact of the matter is if you are under the age of eighteen it is the parent’s responsibility for their child’s actions. The majority of the time adults make the decision to have a child, therefore they should be responsible enough to understand that the child’s actions are a result of their upbringing. Secondly as an adult we have all gone through trials and tribulations in life to understand that a child is going to do whatever they want, whenever they want unless someone is there to stop them; therefore it is the parent’s responsibility to be there and keep control of their child. Last but no least there are laws in place that even constitute when a person is considered to be an adult and in the majority of the United States that magical number is eighteen years of age; therefore that legally places the parent(s) of that child to be responsible for their actions.
In an article called “The big disconnect” Catherine…

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