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Why should one be in the Catholic Church

Catholic Doctrine
Why should one be in the Catholic ChurchWeek 7 Day 4
Word count: 1027In today’s culture, there are over a thousand different Christian denominations and all with their own doctrine, traditions, and translations of the Bible. Due to that reality, finding the truth can be hard. In spite of this fact, however, the Catholic Church claims to be the one true Church founded by God. Most likely, the other entirety of Christian churches claims the same thing. Perhaps one would ask, “How does one know if the Catholic Church is the one true Church?” The best answer to that is to make sure that Christ even started a Church.
One can be assured that Christ intended to leave a Church for His followers. One knows this because of three different reasons: logical, historical, and scriptural. Logically speaking, one knows Christ intended to spring a Church because of how and what he taught. Christ taught doctrines and morals, without a Church or institution these morals would be twisted or forgotten. Due to that, one can logically infer Christ wanted to leave a Church. Another reason one can assure Christ wanted a Church on Earth is because of the historical evidence. After Christ left earth and ascended into Heaven, a clear Church sprang up with the apostles as leaders, and Peter as the head. One can be sure that if Christ did not want a Church, the apostles would never go against His wish. Lastly, one can be certain Christ wanted a Church by the proof in the Bible. Examples of Christ’s intentions is throughout the New Testament such as Him giving the apostles power and teaching them to preach about His Father. However, one of the most obvious signs is when Christ gave Peter authority over His soon-to-be church by saying, “Upon this rock I will build my Church.” Due to logic and many references in the Bible, one knows that Christ intended a Church to be founded.
Knowing that Christ intended a Church to be built, one should ask, “Was the Church that…

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