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Woman and media

As much as I considering about things in this course so far, I realize that both teacher and classmates encouraged me and my opinion has been shaped through peer discussion and class materials. However, there is still something about value and culture conflicts frustrated me. This course is called “Women and The Media”, and the instructor tried to make us better understand gender and the role women are playing in media and our society through different ways, such as movie, peer discussion, and even online conversation with guest speaker.

Among all class aterials, I like the movie part the most since I believe visual and voice impact me directly and made me understand faster. We watched some videos in class, and many of them strike me. For instance, one of the movies which make me reflect my personal experience and have strong feeling is called “killing us softly’. It presented the gender representation in media and advertisement. Moreover, we watched some movie which present the female leader today in the world. All these movies made me more familar about women’s power and right in this world.

Today, women’s right ecomes a popular topic and is widely discussed by public. According to the article, which is published on New York Time, The Campaign Against Women, there are four areas or policies against women’s right. Some policies are considered as attack women’s right, such as abortion policy (New York Time, 2012). In other words, women’s rights turn to become a social issue today. I start to consider that whether or not should women keep silence in this situation, and the answer is not. However, how can we save more women and help them?

So far this course, I feel like people re living in a media world, sometimes we communicate through media. Mass communication is when an individual or institution uses technology to send message to the large and mixed audience. Also, mass media are the channel to transmit the message of mass communication. That is, in my opinion, women should use media as a useful tool and let the public hear their voice, instead of keeping silence. That is, it is necessary to use mass media because mass media is the fastest and the most widely known way by the public.

People can not live without electronic product, such s computer, cellphone, megazines, newspapers, and so on. And all of these stuffs could be seen as mass media. From our in class session and movies we watched, there are many powerful female leaders today in the world, and women are playing more significant role today. Women’s power could not be ignored while the development of the world. That is, if women say out loud through mass media, it is sure that more and more people could be influence and get together to fght against things attack women’s rights. woman and media.

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