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Working Computers

What can Working Computers, Inc. in the future to stay ahead of the curve on new product lines? Is there perhaps a patent they can put in place to safeguard against other companies taking credit for their hard work? 3) The current company culture is very important to consider. For Working Computers Inc. , it is a good idea to think about Stewart Workman’s position when it comes to Bernoulli. He was previously ousted, but currently holds the position of CEO. His position is that of power yet possibly skepticism by those who have worked for Working Computers for over 10 years. 4) Jennifer thinks of Working Computers as having ‘internal struggles.

It is important to think about positioning herself politically in that she would not anger Stewart but at the same time would please the overall population of Working Computers by presenting the facts and the best business case. Last four are general considerations: 1) How well the division fit properly in the overall composition of the company. 2) How would the sale of the division affect the employees, both inside of it (division) and within the entire company, in terms of lost Jobs? Will this result in a negative impact on the current employees within other divisions, due to things

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