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Chapter 1. This chapter is an introduction to the objective of the book, which describes ways to live your life confidently and more joyously. According to this book there are two types of men, one which is full of confidence and knows that he is born to win and succeed while there is another that is full of fears and doubts. The man, who is full of confidence, knows how to use the power of his subconscious. This chapter discusses the power of our subconscious mind. This is a power that we do not need to acquire because we already possess it. The only problem with this is that we don’t know how to use it, and in this book we will learn ideas to getting the knowledge to be able to use it to its full extent. Your subconscious mind is the builder of your body and can heal you from the negative in your life. For example, if you think positively and go to bed at night with a thought of “tomorrow is going to be a great day” your subconscious will obey you. So to be the man who is born to win and succeed, we have to be positive and tell our subconscious mind that we can do everything we set our minds too because it will take us at our word. If we believe that we can do something our subconscious mind will make sure that happens, because it obeys us. Dr. Joseph Murphy states in the chapter, “The law of life is the law of belief” and what he means by that is a belief is a thought in your mind therefore, we should not believe in the negative things. Chapter 2. We all have a mind, but within that mind there are two levels, the conscious and the subconscious. Your conscious mind is the reasoning mind, so we choose our classes, cars, home, etc. On the other hand, our subconscious mind is the creative mind, which accepts anything that is impressed upon it. Dr. Murphy states a good example of how the subconscious mind works, he wrote, “If you think good, good will follow. If you think evil, evil will follow.” So according to him this is the way our minds work. Experiments have…

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