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Zoos are very popular in and around Britain. Despite this, there are a percentage of the population who are against the idea of an animal being kept in captivity. Since 1828; when the first zoo was opened in London (London Zoo), the number of zoos has risen to approximately fifty. Zoos are widely populated here in the United Kingdom, and many families believe visiting a zoo, to be the perfect family outing. Zoos can become very busy, and therefore are making an enormous profit.

This has encouraged zoos to expand their ntertainment, and include carnival rides and arcade facilities. Around 20 zoos in the U. K have included these extras and increased their income. With zoos, what you see is not what you get. Animals kept in captivity, don’t act naturally. Normally, there will be a small plaque outside their enclosure, giving you information on what the animal’s do in the wild etc. In the enclosure, they are confined to a small space, where as in the wild; they have all the space they need to wander about.

If the animals are brought up in the enclosure; they will never know hat life would be like if they were out in the wild, unless they are released back in to the comfort of their own habitat. A lot of animals are taken from their habitat, and in to zoos. Many people disagree with this, and have evidently protested against it. The situation, can lead to the animals behaving un-naturally. You’d probably get more information from nature programs on the television than you would by visiting a zoo. In nature programs, you see animals running around, catching their food and generally enjoying life.

This is not the case in zoos, as they have no free space, they et fed by the zoo keepers and are being pestered by visitors every day of the year. There is, of course, a positive side to the animals being kept in captivity. They don’t have to worry about other predators attempting to attack and kill them. A big percentage of animals, are carnivores. If an animal is housed in a zoo, they don’t have to worry about this issue. If the animal itself is a carnivore, then they don’t have to worry about catching their food for themselves. Zoos should be providing all elements that the animal requires.

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